When is comes to camera hire, lens hire, lighting hire etc… A lot of focus tends to be put on whether you can trust the renter and if they will look after your equipment, but what about the owner?

Here are some top tips about being a good owner and receiving good reviews.

1) Be honest about your equipment rentals!

Make sure your gear listings include accurate information about any faults, missing parts or any element that may affect a user’s ability to use the equipment or decision making when requesting a rental from you.

It could affect what they are doing with your equipment or how much they are prepared to rent it out for.

2) Charge your batteries!

No one wants to pick up rental equipment with batteries that aren’t charged. It could also be a complete disaster if they are on a tight schedule.

Camera hire? Gimbal hire? Lighting hire? Make sure your batteries are charged.


3) Own the pickup process!

We’ll do our best to remind you, but make sure you organise a time and place for pickup and have the gear packed, ready and waiting.

We strongly recommend that you print out our gear checklist and rental agreement template to fill out with your renter before they leave with your equipment.

These documents are crucial to outline any conditions & processes that should occur if anything goes wrong.

We also recommended taking photos of the kit and any high value items like lenses.

4) Care about how your equipment rental is going.

Renters appreciate it when the owner of the equipment calls to check it if everything is okay.

It’s also a good way to encourage better feedback and confirm the dropoff time.

5) Be calm if something goes wrong!

People do make mistakes and bad things happen. If something goes wrong, don’t panic or get angry. As long as you have followed our guidelines and are insured, you will be okay.

It’s okay, breathe.

Follow the processes and refer back to the rental agreement that you made with your renter.

Your insurance is there to cover you if things go wrong & the money you make from rentals should cover any small damages.

6) Own the Dropoff Process!

Your renter will be in a hurry to get home after a long day’s shooting.
Insist on checking all the equipment and signing the Gear Checklist when the items are returned.
Lens hire? check the glass to see if there are any scratches. Camera hire? Turn on the camera to make sure it is functioning properly. Gimbal hire? Check the motor is working correctly.