There can be huge positives to offering a camera rental service with your own equipment, but you need to manage your rentals safely. Here are Rent My Gear’s top five tips for renting your equipment safely!

1) Make sure you are insured for renting out your equipment.

You may already have insurance for your camera equipment, but are you insured for your camera rental?

Call your insurance company and ask them if your policy covers you for renting out your equipment. If it doesn’t, Rent My Gear has teamed up with Apex Insurance who understand what you need to be insured for, We recommend you read our Safe Insurance Guide for everything you need to know.

2) Check the user’s profile, before you agree to rent equipment to them.

Someone wants to rent your camera for a week? That’s great! But who are they? How much experience do they have? Have they rented before? What’s their feedback like?

These are all important questions when considering hiring your equipment out to a stranger. When you receive a request, there is a ‘view profile’ link under their profile picture.

Good renters will typically have a well-written description about themselves and their experience in the industry. Their response & completion rate is also a good indication of how reliable they are and the most important is the feedback section.

Check all these carefully before making a decision and if you have additional questions, you can message them through our ‘messages’ feature.


3) Organise & prepare your camera equipment.

For a camera rental, there is often a multitude of parts and accessories. You should check everything in your kit before your renter turns up.

Charge all the batteries, clean the lenses, make sure everything is working properly. Write out an inventory so you know 100% what is in the kit when it leaves your possession.

Doing this not only gives you confidence in your rental, but it provides a better experience for the renter.

There is nothing more frustrating for a renter than picking up a kit that isn’t prepared properly.


4) Follow the Rent My Gear’s suggested pickup procedure.

If you haven’t already, read our Safe Renting Guide. Following this guide is the best way to minimise the risks with your camera rental.

We highly recommend you use the resources we provide on our resources page. These include a gear checklist and rental agreement that you should fill out with the renter when they arrive to pick up your equipment.

Following these procedures minimises any future issues you might have if anything goes missing or is damaged.


5) Checking your camera equipment when it’s dropped off.

We’re always in a hurry to drop off the equipment and go home after a long day’s filming.

You should insist on checking the equipment together before departure.

Grab the gear checklist that you filled out when the renter picked up the equipment and make sure everything is there.

You should also turn on any high-value items to make sure they are working. If anything is damaged or missing, refer to the rental agreement you made with the renter on pickup and follow the procedure.