There are risks and rewards to Renting out your equipment, but if you rent smart and follow our guidelines, it can be of great benefit. Here are three big reasons why you should consider using Rent My Gear.

1) Create another revenue stream.

There is no debate that creative equipment is expensive and chances are, you are not even using it every day.

By allowing other trusted creative professionals to use your equipment, you are opening up an additional revenue stream that helps you contribute to paying off that equipment, as long as you rent smart.

Already paid off your equipment? It can help you fund that new camera, lens… or take your mother out for dinner. Whatever makes you happy.

2) Find more affordable rentals.

Somewhere out there is a creative with a piece of gear that you need for your project who is willing to rent it to you for a good price.

That’s where Rent My Gear comes in.

We connect people that have gear… with creative professionals that need gear. It’s that simple.


3) Rent equipment in places you never could.

Camera rental is no longer restricted to the major cities.

Find yourself filming a story in the middle of nowhere? Recording animal sounds in the wilderness? Up a mountain filming extreme sports?

Give us some time, but eventually, we believe Rent My Gear will be able to offer you professional equipment hire in all corners of the country.

Okay…maybe not up a mountain…but you get our point.