You’ve signed up to Rent My Gear. Nice one! There are great benefits to offering camera hire, lens hire, lighting hire etc… with your own equipment. As long as you follow our guidelines and rent smart!

…but don’t forget to spend some time on your profile!

1) Choose the right profile picture.

When someone is entering a camera hire agreement with you, it’s important that you give off a good first impression.

It may seem like a good idea to upload that hilarious picture of you at the Christmas party last year, or show how amazing you look in that tank top, but your profile picture should be the type that suggests you will treat the owner’s equipment with respect.

Look professional, but relaxed & consider using a shot of you working if you have one.

2) Make sure your description explains who you are and what you do.



Your description is what an owner will read when they are considering your rental request or when a renter is considering renting off you.

Make sure your profile description describes what experience you have with using gear, what kind of projects you work on… and gives the owner an idea of what makes you worthy of borrowing their equipment or being reliable enough to hire your gear to them for their important project.

Otherwise why would anyone consider a camera hire with you if they don’t know who you are?

3) Look after your response and completion rates.


There are meters that monitor how reliable users are. That may sound a bit full on, but it’s an important consideration for a renter if they are needing gear for an important project.

It’s not hard to maintain a 100% rating. Just make sure you respond to a request within the 48 hour period before the request automatically expires.

…and if one of your bookings is confirmed, try not to cancel them unless it’s really necessary as this affects your completion rate.